Vlog #20: 9/11 Edition

We have seen the power of our country uniting as one. Let's do it consistently!

Vlog #19: Cody Steinlage's Story

Cody inspires as he closes in on 4 years of sobriety

Vlog #18: An Update in My Journey

7 month update

Vlog #17: Remember What Matters Most

Don't let the back to school chaos consume your priorities!

Vlog #16: Aaron Duryea's Story

Aaron Duryea shares his journey to nearly 6 years of sobriety!

Vlog #15: Identify Your Limitations

Reflect on barriers in your life and acknowledge a plan to manage them!

Vlog #14 Life The Life You Deserve

My recipe to create a better version of myself each day

Vlog 13: Listen to Understand

Focus on these simple ideas when communicating with others for improved communication with others

Vlog #12: Collaborate, Don't Isolate

Identify your safe space and let people in!

Vlog #11- What is the True Burden??

Find your confidence and strength!

Vlog #10: #Sudbeck Strong

Check out when GIYC and #SudbeckStrong Unite

Vlog #9: A Kid's Perspective

Sometimes as adults we make life too difficult. Brodie, my 7 year old son, breaks it into simpler terms. 

Vlog #8: Let Go and Let God

What does Let Go and Let God mean to you? Are there certain areas that are harder than others?

6/11/19 Facebook Live w/ Cory Adrian Strathman

Live discussion about parenting, mental illness, addiction, impact on family, divorce, and more.

Vlog #7: Finding a Rythym in Life

Jodi Green joins me from San Diego to drop knowledge on the GIYC Family

Vlog #6: Parenting w/ Lauren Strathman

After begging and pleading, my wife drops in to talk about her experiences with parenting

Vlog #5: No Regrets

Life is short, don't live it with regret!

Vlog #4: Insecurities

Take a lesson from Toy Story on life's insecurities

Vlog #1: I'm In Your Corner

Welcome to Grace In Your Corner! Through each other we can break down barriers in life and manage our struggles together!