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GIYC Mission: One Person, One Life

Our purpose is to spread awareness that in life we all face adversity, but it can be managed! Whether it is mental health, addiction, parenting, marriage, or the daily stressors, you can manage it! People need to know it is not a sign of weakness to speak out and ask for support. People need to hear and understand that no matter what life throws at them, you are never alone. We look to restore confidence in people so they can reach their goals. "One Person, One Life" will always be our motto.

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Cory Adrian Strathman has proven he will be vulnerable time and time again by using his story to educate others. He believes if the general population knew more about warnings signs, coping skills, and community resources that it would lead to a dramatic reduction in the recurrence of falling to rock bottom. Click the link below to get access to every story GIYC has taken part in. We hope to have many more to come!


Your continued and faithful support allows Grace In Your Corner to be able to move forward in our mission to reach a larger audience. Finances from Speaking Engagements or donations went straight toward travel expenses for speaking engagements, t-shirt giveaways to someone needing a boost, and Corner Cards. Financial barriers should not get in the way of the mission of helping others in need. Our GIYC family is spreading the message because people deserve it. "One Person. One Life." 

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