A Blast From the past: Beginning Vlogs


Having trouble locating a past Vlog? We are dedicated to keeping all GIYC video content available on the site. If the video is not on our main VIDEOS  page, then it was moved over here. Enjoy!

Vlog #9: A Kid's Perspective

Sometimes as adults we make life too difficult. Brodie, my 7 year old son, breaks it into simpler terms. 

Vlog #8: Let Go and Let God

What does Let Go and Let God mean to you? Are there certain areas that are harder than others?

Vlog #7: Finding a Rythym in Life

Jodi Green joins me from San Diego to drop knowledge on the GIYC Family

Vlog #6: Far From Perfect Parents, Enjoying Every Minute

Vlog #5: Regret

Vlog #4: Impact of Insecurity

Vlog #3: Productive or Busy?

Vlog #2: My Number One Resource to Manage Mental Health

Vlog #1: I'm In Your Corner