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Cory Adrian Strathman- Founder

"One Person, One Life"

From a young, successful principal at the age of 28 to an unemployed 34 year old, Cory Strathman has experienced it all. He is now determined to bring attention on how to handle life's challenges after his came halting to a stop in January 2019. Cory is a son, husband, father of 2 boys, but most of all he was lost. Depression led to alcohol abuse, a DUI, resignation from a prominent job, and deep soul searching. Cory decided it was time to surrender to God. With a multi-tiered plan of supports, he has now found a clear path to redemption. Cory said if his words reach even just one person, then his time is well spent. He reminds us that you are not alone. Cory states he will break down the social stigmas in life and encourage everyone to speak up. Through his actions, people will see asking for help is not a weakness, but the biggest strength of all!

Thank you so much for being part of this community. Together, all things are possible in life!

Disclaimer: Cory Strathman is not a certified health professional. He graduated with a BS in Elementary Education and a MS in School 

Leadership. All of his words come through real life experiences and discoveries.

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Julie Strathman


I am the mother of three grown children who have blessed me with two amazing daughter-in-laws, a son-in-law and six grandchildren. I have lived my entire life in Nemaha County; first on the Reinecke family farm by Baileyville,KS where I grew up with three brothers and two sisters. After graduating from B and B High School I married my high school sweetheart ( and classmate). We live and raised our three children on the Strathman family farm north of St. Benedict, KS (AKA Whispering Pines)and will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this summer. I have a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, Masters in Special Education, and an Educational Specialist degree in school psychology. I taught at Bern School in Bern,KS for over 20 years where I had the privilege of teaching my own three children,daughter-in-law, relatives, and neighbors. I am currently working as a school psychologist and am very excited to be part of the GIYC mission. Even with nearly 40 years of experience and training in education I have learned that when working with people it all comes down to relationships and teamwork which aligns perfectly with GIYC. Together we can make a difference one life at a time. 

Jodi Green


Jodi Elizabeth Green - Eyes
Brown Hair
5’8” depending on the shoes, Jordans or Heels
I got game in both

I’m never on time
Always trying
Love cheesy rom coms
Always crying
Love to sing but I can’t
Love to cook but I don’t
Love sunshine, hate cold
Could go camping, but I won’t

My personality could be described as an
ENFP Otter who’s Blue and Green
A 7 wing 8 who’s positivity thinks life’s great
All that means: I enter rooms mouth first

Spend holidays with family despite the distance
Born July 4th, Thankful for Christmas
And every valentines day my heart longs for March
Cuz it’s the most wonderful time of the year
After year cinderella pushes into the big dance
punishing perennial power houses
sending em packing prematurely,
pouting their way through spring practices.

To let me get a shot off is to let me beat you
Hi, my name is Jodi, it’s nice to meet  you

Tanner Strathman


Information Coming

Leroy Strathman


I have a wife of 40 years, three children and six grandchildren. I live on the family farm where I grew up as a kid, where we raise cattle and do some grain farming as well. I have been involved in the petfood industry for most of my life and will continue to do so until I retire. My involvement in the community past and present includes coaching my kids in summer, baseball, softball and basketball, serving on the school booster club, our church council, finance council, and local hospital board. I enjoy our annual family vacations, vacationing with friends, sitting on our deck and taking in the great view, fishing and giving rides to my grandchildren on the tractor, 4-wheeler and Ranger. I am a big fan of sports and my favorite teams are the K-State Wildcats, Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs. I was fortunate enough to attend a World Series Game in Kansas City.