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Cory Adrian Strathman's VLOG

No longer can we avoid uncomfortable topics and expect things to get better. Cory directly addresses the realities of mental health, addiction, fear, shame, and more. We must be authentic and vulnerable if we want to see change. Here is the original entry where Cory opened up about his struggles for the first time.  

Vlog #20: Frustrations & Faith

Frustrated?? Me TOO!! 

Vlog #19: You Impact People Whether You Want To or Not

Ready or not, here we come 2020!

Vlog #18: 9/11 Edition

We have seen the power of our country uniting as one. Let's do it consistently!

Vlog #17: An Update in My Journey

7 month update

Vlog #16: Remember What Matters Most

Don't let the back to school chaos consume your priorities!

Vlog #15: Identify Your Limitations

Reflect on barriers in your life and acknowledge a plan to manage them!

Vlog #14 Life The Life You Deserve

My recipe to create a better version of myself each day

Vlog 13: Listen to Understand

Focus on these simple ideas when communicating with others for improved communication with others

Vlog #12: Collaborate, Don't Isolate

Identify your safe space and let people in!

Vlog #11- What is the True Burden??

Find your confidence and strength!

Vlog #10: #Sudbeck Strong

Check out when GIYC and #SudbeckStrong Unite